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MSU packs for A Link to the Past Randomizer

This site provides MSU packs that modify the music in A Link to the Past Randomizer.

MSU-1 is a custom co-processor for the SNES that allows it to play CD-quality audio. It was designed long after the SNES era, so it never existed in an official game cartridge, but it's implemented in modern SNES interfaces such as sd2snes, and emulators such as snes9x.

By installing an MSU pack, such as the ones you can find on this site, you can replace the music in A Link to the Past with music from another soundtrack.

This site curates a selection of packs, including those made by me (arborelia). For a complete, unedited list of packs, visit the spreadsheet managed by the ALttPR Discord.

Buying soundtracks

Many packs on this site require the purchase of a soundtrack, which you have to download before the pack setup will work. The purchase links go directly to where the soundtrack is sold, such as Bandcamp. I am not making any money from these packs, and the musicians are.

It's good when musicians get paid! But if you can't pay for a pack at the moment, consider the Cave Story pack, which is actually free.