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Cave Story

Chiptune music from Studio Pixel's "Cave Story".

This pack is free! It includes mp3s extracted from freeware editions of Cave Story, which are converted into the appropriate uncompressed .pcm files when you run the setup batch script.

Setting up this pack from the first time

This pack contains Qwertymodo's MSUPCM++ tool, a JSON configuration file for it, and a batch file that runs the setup on Windows.

To set up this pack:

  • Download and unzip this pack
  • Run Cave Story Pack Builder.bat

Track list

These tracks come from Pixel's freeware Cave Story soundtrack, hosted at

Some of the tracks are unused tracks (but are still excellent). "Wind Fortress" was introduced in Cave Story+.

 #  Usage in ALttP          Cave Story track
01  Opening theme           Cave Story
02  Light World             On to Grasstown
03  Rain state              White
04  Bunny                   Snoopy Cake (unused)
05  Lost Woods              Plant
06  Prologue                Cave Story (continued from opening)
07  Kakariko Village        Mimiga Town
09  Dark World              Gestation
10  Pull pedestal           Got Item!
11  File select             Toroko's Theme
12  Guards!                 Charge
13  Dark Death Mountain     Moonsong
14  Minigame                Access
15  Skull Woods overworld   Jenka 1
16  Hyrule Castle           Meltdown (unused variant of Meltdown 2)
17  (vanilla) LW dungeon    Mischievous Robot
18  Cave 1                  Cemetery
19  Boss victory            Get Heart Tank!
20  Sanctuary               Safety
21  (vanilla) Boss          Eyes of Flame
22  (vanilla) DW dungeon    Jenka 2
23  Shop                    Pulse
24  Cave 2                  Quiet
25  (vanilla) Zelda Rescue  Safety
26  Crystal collected       Victory!
27  Fairy fountain          Toroko's Theme
28  Agahnim zaps Zelda      Seal Chamber
29  Ganon reveals himself   Gameover
30  Drop in to Ganon        Break Down
31  Boss: Ganon             Last Battle
32  Triforce room           Plant
33  Triumphant Return       The Way Back Home + Mischievous Robot
34  Credits                 Moonsong
35  Eastern Palace          Mischievous Robot
36  Desert Palace           Meltdown 2
37  Agahnim's Tower         Meltdown 2
38  Swamp Palace            Living Waterway
39  Palace of Darkness      Pier Walk (unused)
40  Misery Mire             Geothermal
41  Skull Woods (interior)  Jenka 2
42  Ice Palace              Hero's End
43  Tower of Hera           Wind Fortress (unused in original game)
44  Thieves' Town           Labyrinth Fight
45  Turtle Rock             Scorching Back
46  Ganon's Tower           Last Cave
47  Boss: Armos Knights     Gravity
48  Boss: Lanmolas          Oppression
49  Boss: Agahnim 1         Balrog's Theme
50  Boss: Arrghus           Gravity
51  Boss: Helmasaur King    Eyes of Flame
52  Boss: Vitreous          Eyes of Flame
53  Boss: Mothula           Run!
54  Boss: Kholdstare        Run!
55  Boss: Moldorm           Oppression
56  Boss: Blind             Zombie
57  Boss: Trinexx           Eyes of Flame
58  Boss: Agahnim 2         Balrog's Theme
59  Ganon's Tower upstairs  Running Hell
60  LW after pedestal       White
61  DW after 7 crystals     Balcony