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Napple Tale

Music from the brilliant Yoko Kanno soundtrack of the Dreamcast's hidden gem, Napple Tale.

This pack is in .pcm format and ready to play.

Some of the tracks in this pack are from the out-of-print Napple Tale OST, and some are ripped from the game disc. The OST omits some wonderful tracks from the game, including "Folly Fall" which is one of Yoko Kanno's greatest works.

The tracks missing from the OST are:

  • "Folly Fall", the music from the confrontation with Cecille, sung by Gabriela Robin (Yoko Kanno's stage name)
  • "Delightful Arithmetic", the track for the machinery room in 13 Ice Cream. The OST gives this name to an unrelated track.
  • "Straynap's Diary"
  • "Tea Leaf Waltz", the music from Ajisai, the first level of spring
  • "Home", played by a musical instrument you can build for Madame Colletta
  • "Jalapeño", the first phase of the final boss fight
  • The unnamed track from the Score Attack level
  • The unnamed track from the boss rush room
  • A spooky piano tune that appears on the game disc but is unused

Streaming considerations

"Tail Song" (the opening track) and "Green Wings" (the closing track) appear on Maaya Sakamoto's album "Nikopachi". They may get copyright claimed on YouTube by Maaya Sakamoto's record label. I've never had any trouble playing them on Twitch, whether I'm playing ALttPR or Napple Tale itself.

Track list

 #  Usage in ALttP          English track name          Usage in Napple Tale
01  Opening theme           Tail Song                   Opening cutscene
02  Light World             Skipper                     Napple Town default music
03  Rain state              Rain Waltz                  Boss: Teruteru
04  Bunny                   Delightful Arithmetic*      Decoding machine
05  Lost Woods              Round Sheep                 Napple Town, autumn restored
06  Opening crawl           Tail Song (continued)       Opening cutscene
07  Kakariko Village        Highland Clock              Napple Town, winter restored
09  Dark World              Snowball                    Level: The Snow Corridor
10  Pull pedestal           Petal Song - Winter         after collecting the Winter Petal
11  File select             Honey Bank                  Level select
12  Guards!                 Jumping Cracker             Boss: March Hare
13  Dark Death Mountain     Sugar Plums                 Level: Mirror Illusion
14  Minigame                Onward Time                 after collecting the Onward Time petal
15  Skull Woods overworld   Egg                         played by the gramophone for Madame Colletta
16  Hyrule Castle           Chocolate Forest            Main menu and cutscenes
18  Cave 1                  Straynap's Diary            Post-game content on the main menu
19  Boss victory            A Stroll                    Alice's house after Wonderbed
20  Sanctuary               Tree of Church              Chapel
23  Shop                    Mystery Toyshop             Mystery Gift Shop
24  Cave 2                                              Score Attack level
26  Crystal collected       Cecille's Garden            Narration cutscenes
27  Fairy fountain          Cecille's Garden            Narration cutscenes
28  Agahnim zaps Zelda                                  Rivachrono's boss rush room
29  Ganon reveals himself                               Unused spooky music
31  Boss: Ganon             Tabasco                     Boss: Garg and Gomes
32  Triforce room           Petal Song - Spring         after collecting the Spring Petal
33  Ending Sequence         Green Wings                 Ending cutscene
34  Credits                 Dreams in a Pie             Credits
35  Eastern Palace          Summer Festival             Napple Town, summer restored
36  Desert Palace           Once Summer                 Level: Once Summer
37  Agahnim's Tower         Folly Fall                  Confrontation with Old Cecille
38  Swamp Palace            Tea Leaf Waltz              Level: Hydrangea (Ajisai)
39  Palace of Darkness      Little Black Book           Level: The Secret Garden
40  Misery Mire             Slow Water                  Level: New Year's Day
41  Skull Woods (interior)  Rabbit Bed                  Level: Wonderbed
42  Ice Palace              Crystal Palace              Level: Crystal Palace
43  Tower of Hera           Wild Wind                   Level: The Wild Wind
44  Thieves' Town           Home                        played by the "bagpipes" for Madame Colletta
45  Turtle Rock             Be a Frog                   Cattle Bar
46  Ganon's Tower           October Child               Level: Mirror Illusion 2
47  Boss: Armos Knights     Tamaire / Ball Jar          Boss: Grandfather Treant
48  Boss: Lanmolas          Caterpillar                 Boss: Caterpillager
49  Boss: Agahnim 1         Dual Tango                  Final boss, phase 2
50  Boss: Arrghus           Rain Waltz                  Boss: Teruteru
51  Boss: Helmasaur King    Summer Squid                Boss: Napple Squid
52  Boss: Vitreous          Jumping Cracker             Boss: March Hare
53  Boss: Mothula           Toy Train                   Boss: Toy Train
54  Boss: Kholdstare        The Snow Queen              Boss: Ice Cardians
55  Boss: Moldorm           Sleepy Snake                Boss: Mushroom Snake
56  Boss: Blind             Balsam                      Boss: Phoenix Flower
57  Boss: Trinexx           Jalapeño                    Final boss, phase 1
58  Boss: Agahnim 2         Dual Tango                  Final boss, phase 2
59  Ganon's Tower upstairs  Grand Circus                Pierrot takes over Napple Town
60  LW after pedestal       Flower of Yesterday's       Napple Town, spring restored
61  DW after 7 crystals     Sonnet                      Level: Red and Gold

* the OST album has a different, unrelated track named "Delightful Arithmetic", but
  this is the track with that name in the in-game music collection